IGF-1 female usage

  1. IGF-1 female usage

    Had a question regarding IGF-1 and what anyone might recommend for a female user (my girlfriend):

    I've read over a fair amount of threads regarding IGF-1 in general so here is what I'm proposing for her to do...

    4 Total Weeks, 5days on/2days off

    IM right after workout, IM first thing in the morning on non-workout days

    That stuff probably isn't any huge deal whether male or female, but I was curious as to what dosage to go with.
    I was gonna stick with 40-60 mcg's, but wasn't sure if that was way over for a female dosage of 4 weeks. Please
    write back with any comments you may have, or better yet if you know any females who've given it a shot. I'm
    definitely going to log her progress over the four weeks to know if its a good idea to do more cycles.

    I also will stack the IGF-1 with Syntax Guggulbolic Extreme (or SAN T3) and possibly Red Line.


  2. i would like to hear about this too. for my wife.

  3. My wife did 30mcg ed for 4 weeks. She didnt put on huge amounts of muscle but the fat loss was noticeable and she did see some strength gains as well. As for stacking with anything else I dont know, she only used ECA on it. It was well worth it.
    As for dosages I dont think you would need to go as high as 40 like I said my wife saw good results staying at 30mcg's.

  4. thats cool.
    does your wife workout mostly cardio or does she lift as well.
    my wife wants to lose some fat but if i tell her to use the IGF-1 she'll think she will end up looking like
    ronnie coleman.

  5. She lifts weights as well pretty heavy sometimes too. The fat burning effects were more noticeable than any anabolic effect so I don't think anyone, male or female, would have to worry about looking like coleman on it.

  6. unless they took it for a couple years

  7. Week one update:

    We've stuck with 30mcg and there are definitely noticeable results from it and the rest of the stack (Syntax Guggulbolic Extreme and 5mL of Red Line per day). My girl lifts about 4 times per week and cardio 1-2. We should probably bump up the cardio during the last 3 weeks of this cycle. She's getting some body fat measurements done tonight and I'll post those and then compare them to 3 weeks from now. Oh and just to add, she has last about 7 pounds in the past 2 weeks (most likely some of this is related to the fat burning stack and also to changing to a much lower carb diet).

  8. sounds like its working good. looking forward to hear the results.
    are you/she using IM or sub-q.?


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