Best way to stack ghrp-2,mod grf, igf1-lr3, igf des and peg MGF?

  1. Best way to stack ghrp-2,mod grf, igf1-lr3, igf des and peg MGF?

    So ok, i just ordered ghrp2, mod grf, LR3 , igf DES and peg mgf.

    i was thinking of using it like this and all comments, good or bad are welcome!

    ghrp-2 100mcg+mod grf 100mcg morning shot and same before bed.
    IGF DES pre wo 50mcg bi laterally, using this one cuz last year i had pec tear and i want to see if it can help.
    PEG MGF on rest days @200mcg 2x week.

    my main concern is when to use the LR3 or is it even needed here. do i take it in the morning?

    when i recomp DES do i use AA or just BW or shoot 2ml AA and then add how much BW?
    same Q goes for LR3.


  2. never tried DES, but for lr3, i do it 30-40min pre w/o 50mcg. works great.
    maybe look into lr3 pre w/o, des post w/o bilateral in muscles worked? DES's half life is so short idk why u would use it pre w/o. i think DES is pointless if you have lr3. but IDK, look into this

    the ghrp2 cjc mgf- keep the same way.

    i always reconstruct with BW, use the vial within 20days i believe is the max before the peptide starts degrading.

  3. if i have normal MGF do i need to use PEG MGF?
    i was planning on running IGF DES pre w/o, then withinh 15 min use MGF, 30 min use IGF-1lr3?

  4. no need for PEG MGF. run the mgf before workout. mgf builds satelit cells that work synergistic with igf for growth but it takes time to build these satelit cells, your fresh destroyed muscles need the stuff within 45-60mins so running pwo is to late. MGF pre IGF lr3 post. Try to run it emidatly after w/o, can be tricky but push the results. on rest days don`t use Igf just mgf, you don`t want to de-sentice so you can run the igf as long as possible. And double the ghrp if you can afford it. One more if you need 20 days for one vial then you are using not enough at all. if your workout is affernoon, try to run ghrp/mod grf 3 times a day. expensive but worth it.

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