is there a way to increase igf levels naturally?

  1. Question is there a way to increase igf levels naturally?


    is there a way to increase ofg levels ?

    are there any supplements? a friend of mine uses a product called
    accerarator by worldsize,it claims to increase has deer velvet
    or something or another in it

    imo im skeptical of accerator,but my question remains is there a way to naturally
    increase igf?

  2. Yup, working out.

  3. colostrum has natural igf in it

  4. i've heard that hitting yourself in the head real hard, causes a brief output of increased HGH (which in turn means increased IGF). i wouldn't recommend this, though.

  5. colostrum ..what is it?

    is it really worth it?

    no2 imo id not worth it as far as hgh...i was bulking and used it almost 2 years ago and saw a 7 lb increase in one and a half months.but imo its not worth the money.

  6. It doesn't really matter. If you increase IGF-1, you increase IGFBP3 which makes increased IGF-1 ineffective.

    Thats why Long R3 works. It is resistant to IGFBP3.
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