With Regards to Peptides

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    With Regards to Peptides

    I've been researching peptides for a while, and I have quite a few years of muscle training experience, but I just want to make sure I have everything right before I start a peptide cycle.

    1. When is the optimal time to use them in conjuction with an AAS/PH cycle? On cycle or during pct?
    2. My intention is to run IGF-1 LR3 and MGF (non-peg as I read PEG-MGF is weaker)
    So a tenative pinning schedule would be:
    MGF 200mcg preworkout split bilaterally in muscles to be worked
    IGF-1 40 mcg postworkout split bilaterally in muscles worked
    Am I correct in splitting the dosage of the MGF into the muscles to be worked and also in the timing of the injections? There is so much hearsay on the matter I would appreciate just one definitive answer.
    The other alternative I heard was to run MGF the day following in the muscle worked, but again, is this to be split bilaterally or should it be 200mcg into, say, each bicep?

    These injections should be done subq and should be fasted beforehand, correct?

    I apologize for the slew of questions, but I've been a long time member of another unmentioned board of whom I have exhausted their knowledge. They've all become so useless over there, so I'm hoping to find some helpful chaps over here.

    Thanks for everything.

  2. Yes you have a lot of questions. Unfortunately most of the places you are receiving advice from, have no interest in science. The stickies in this forum are out of date as well. I also will not give you a lot of pat answers but I will start by saying that the so-called Grunt protocol of injecting IGF-1 PWO is flawed. You do not want IGF-1 to interfere with native MGF. Nature does not do it that way.

    I will also add that systemic (endocrine) liver-made IGF-1 is not the anabolic IGF-1. Local muscle made (paracrine/autocrine) IGF-1 is the anabolic IGF. Growth Hormone or Mod GRF (1-29)/GHRP (of which there are Ipamorelin, GHRP-2 and GHRP-6) will increase local muscle IGFs.

    Third if you are hell bent on using IGF-1 LR3 or DES do not expect it to stay local. The best you can do is micro-dose an area several times. This will have some benefit for an injury since injury repair requires 1/500th the amount needed for anabolism.

    Do you understand that systemic IGF-1 will have a negative feedback on GH secretion and pulsation? How are you going to overcome it? Remember it is GH which will help you retain leucine, engage lipolysis and promote local muscle made and used growth factors such as MGF post workout and IGF-1 downstream. Men will need the ability to suppress somatostatin in the systemic IGF-1 environment and women will need the ability to add a Growth Hormone Releasing Hormone (GHRH). Obviously Mod GRF (1-29) and a GHRP are needed.

    The most import question is what is your protocol? What environment are you administering into? Are you setting up for fat loss? Are you setting up for some sort of enhancement of net protein synthesis? What is it that you are asking the factors you inject to do? You need to consider whether you are using a carbless PWO or adding fast periods.

    A lot of thought needs to go into proper use of a compound.

    In addition most of the time what you are using is not what is described in the science journals. Most of the stuff comes out of China and is usually very poor at best. You should think about your health and best interests and not the monetary interests of the peptide pushers.

    Okay... good luck to you.

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