IGF fatloss

  1. IGF fatloss

    I understand that you guys don't run igf for longer than 4 weeks at a time because you dont gain anymore after that.. but what about the fatloss? Does it go away too after about 4 weeks?

  2. Everything stops "working" around 4 weeks.

  3. how long do I have to be off in betwean cycles minimum? would 4 weeks on, 3 weeks off work ya think?

  4. did you happen to read any of the threads in this section?

  5. yes I have.
    the answers vary from 3 weeks to 50 days on cycle (as it says in the faq on the IGF sticky). I'd like to hear from you guys, how long you stayed off..? And were the results worse than your first IGF cycle?

  6. I think those stickies weren't from users of this board so hearing some real world stats from here would be nice. That's my conclusion since one of the moderators was looking for IGF experiences in anothe thread. I'd like to know what people here think too.

  7. anyone? how many weeks of inbetwean cycles, and were the results in your second cycle as good as in your first one?

  8. what about 4 weeks on, 3 weeks off? would that be sufficient ya think?

  9. 4 on 4 off... time on = time off.. old rule of thumb


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