Peptides and test

  1. Peptides and test

    Hey I'm 24years, 182cm, 88kg, 10% bf.

    I've done 3 cycles:
    Started training at 18 years rowing and lots of beach cardio at 69kgs.
    Started cycle when I was 22 at 74kg.
    1st was 8 week test only. Put on 10 kgs kept, 6kgs.
    2nd I went abit steep and did a 12 week deca, dbol and test cycle. Up to 94 kgs. Pct with clen and 6 months later after rowing season now sustain weight of 88kgs.
    Now I'm in the middle of a 20 week test only cycle, 1G a week. Just trimming and adding strength for next rowing season.

    Question is, I love the feeling of being on the gear but I would much rather a healthier alternative. Im killing my cardio with each cycle and weight gain. Comming off this cycle I've still got a couple of test 325 blend bottles, keifei. so Just wanting to know your thoughts on jabbing 1ml every 10 days after my last week through my pct with igfr3long, 80units a day month on month off. And just constantly running test and igf through my rowing indefinite??

  2. Goal is to bring down bf% and blow out my chest and tri's, so I'll be site pinning in them. Over long term igfr3longs function help this grow yeah? Any other stack that will help this??

  3. tren would be better for your goals. or even drosta. Dont run igf-1 lr3 this sheme, not enough benefit. Use it just pwo. If you want to push it hard, run mgf pre w/o and igf-1 lr 3 right after w/o. Here i europe we uses lot of drostanolon, make you rock hard. and try tren or test propionat, no watwer retention that give that bloat look. really don`t use cypionate or enathat to cut, it works not well. hope that helps

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