Hey Phenom, a while back I stumbled upon your post on xcrunners methods etc etc which got me involved in the grow tall forum but I forgot about it till today when a peptide company had a weekend sale, so I decided to order some ghrp 6 alongside with cjc 1295. While looking up threads about it I randomly saw your post and remembered your name! I checked your profile and it said your last visit was today and that really made me happy because I really would like to consult with you and see how your journey went.

    what methods of communication do you have that are faster like AIM,skype,email etc?

    (making a thread because for some reason PM's arent working)

  2. For height gains, that would be alright, i'd replace GHRP6 for Hexarelin, add SAM-E and add puerarin, following the diet and excercises xcrunner layed, out, and you should make some good height gains.

    My journey has been good, im not fixated on height gain anymore though.

    email is

  3. Brb emailing nudez to phenom

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