Peptides between cycles

  1. Peptides between cycles

    current stats: 24 6'3 260.. start pct in 2 weeks and want to start a peptide cycle after pct
    Right now I am looking at a stack with:

    GHRP2 - 3 months

    IGF1lR3-2.5 months

    CJC1295- 3 months

    I will inject all of them ED i assume
    dosages/timing im not 100% sure yet(still looking for help/research)

    My goals are to cut fat.. keep all and actually add to my gaines/size from my test cycle and basically run this until i jump back on another cycle of test...
    I want to know if this basic stack is the best option to achieve the goals i want or am i better off going with a different stack..

    All feed back is greatly appreciated

  2. I'm currently fresh on the info needed since I have recently started a bridge from my 14 weeker just a while ago...

    GHRP-2 is the most potent and most expensive, too. Here are some basic facts that will help you digest and brain storm your cycle layout:

    GHRP-2 is the strongest but also has a stronger increase of cortisol release as the dosage increases. I would just recommend the saturation level, which is 1mcg/kg of mass. In your case, something close to 100mcg is considered the normal saturation point. It should be noted that increases in cortisol are within "normal" ranges so it probably will not matter especially if you use saturation dosage each time. GHRP-2 also may have a sleepiness factor w/ it.

    GHRP-6 Also gives a strong GH release but has a less drastic fluctuation of cortisol increases as the dose increases. You'd have to take 400-600mcg at one time to receive abnormal cortisol and prolactin increases. This one is my personal favorite as it makes me really, really hungry almost instantly after administration. It's the best at holding mass from a previous cycle, imo.

    Ipamorelin Pretty much just like GHRP-6 w/o the hunger inducing effect and absolutely no increases in other hormones like Cort and Prolactin. It's good too but harder to find.

    Hexarelin Has the strongest pulse of GH but also has the strongest pulse of other hormones with it.

    CJC-1295 Is a long half-life version of GHRH, which are not GHRP's. They act in different ways and should be considered supplementary to GHRP's. They add great effectiveness to a GHRP cycle. CJC-1295 only really needs to be taken 2-3 times per week max but at doses typically higher than the short acting versions like Sermorelin. If taken, use 250-500mcg, two to three times per week.

    Sermorelin Aka GRF 1-29 or CJC-1295 no DAC is a GHRH just like CJC-1295 but with a half-life of 30 minutes. It must always be taken at the same time as GHRP for max effectiveness.

    IGF-1 LR3 Is really only proven to be good at nutrient partitioning. No known studies of successful muscle proliferation exists with LR3. use it on a cutting cycle only, IMO.

    My opinion - Is to use GHRP-6 w/ Sermorelin, 3 times a day @ 100mcg/injection of each hormone. Or ideally, you could take Ipamorelin in the morning (if you like to fast like myself), GHRP-6 during the day PWO, and GHRP-2 at night w/ Sermorelin alongside each dose.

    Morning GHRP @ 100mcg, GHRH @ 100mcg
    PWO GHRP @ 100mcg, GHRH @ 100mcg
    Bedtime GHRP @ 100mcg, GHRH @ 100mcg

    You'll need about 18-20g of each to get a good long cycle out of it (2 months or so)

  3. Thanks for the info! it looks great.. my only question is should i add the IGF1 if i want to cut fat?

    but ghrp2(not sure if i can find ipamorin) in the AM with sermorelin
    ghrp 6 post workout with sermorelin
    ghrp2 again at night with sermorelin

    each injection @ 100mcg every day for 2-3 months
    Which need to be mixed with bac and which with acetic acid?
    obviously i will need slin pins and bac.. anything else?
    Thanks again for the help

  4. For cutting, I'd say yes. Post Workout ED. Something around 20-40mcg/day should be enough. I just mix mine with bac water and keep it in a cold storage of some sort.

  5. Mod 1-29 (cjc 1295 w/o DAC)
    I know those terms are not completely interchangable but the point is to make sure you get it w/o dac that way dosing it with ghrp-2 it will be synergistic and you will avoid the dreaded "gh bleed"
    I recomend doing them 100 mcg each 3 times a day, you can do it every 3 hours though No sooner than 3 hours in between.

    If you are looking to cut fat you should get yourself some chromium picolinate to dose prior to the injection. Ghrp-2 will make you surprisingly hungry. The chromium will help you last the 30 min after injection without eating everything you see, thats how long it takes for gh to peak, then eat!

    Hell you can even use peps at the end of this cycle if you want! Good luck!

  6. thanks for the help guys, i really appreciate it!

  7. hey guys.. im about to start this peptide cycle up tomorrow... i have everything needed...

    my only question is is it ok to draw the cjc and ghrp into the same syringe so i can minimize injections?? Also any advice on transporting this stuff so i can inject mid day at work??
    I appreciate any feed back.


  8. U can draw it up in same one and inject, but u can't keep it like that for very long.

  9. To transport: look online for insulin cooling bags. They keep the goods cool for something like 8 hours. O got a little fridge in my bedroom, at work and even at my buddies gym


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