total carbs in two hours

  1. total carbs in two hours

    What is the total amount of carbs to take in two hours if you are taking humalog IM? I know PWO it is recommended 10 grams per iu but what about at the 1 hour mark and again at the 2 hour mark?

  2. Hey..

    I take the 10 carbs per unit... well actually currently I'm taking 12 units and 100 carbs, but I am feeling no effects, and am quite comfortable here.


    I take my shot of 12 units right after workout.

    I start eating my shake:

    30 grams dextrose
    30 grams maltodextring
    40 grams of Oats (1.5 cups)
    50 grams of whey

    At the hour mark... I only eat a small amount of Complex carbs and slower absorb protein:

    14 grams of Oats (.5 cups)
    12.5 grams of Raw Egg whites
    15 grams of Whey

    At the two hour mark.. your free in clear as far as blood sugar is concerned. At that point eat what you want.

    I'm currently in the middle of a massive cut, otherwise I might increase protein somewhat in both shakes and carbs in the second one. (lost 123 pounds since Feb 9th of this year... and yes gained mega strength )

    I'm interested to hear what people think of the way I'm doing it?

    Anyway, should be said... Continue to consume at least 10 grams of carbs per Unit of Slin... until you a very comfortable with the dosage you are taking. Then and only then consider, using less then 10grams per Unit. Play it safe... don't toy with the symptoms. If you get any, don't lower your carbs per unit. At least that's how I see it.

    Peace bro.
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