decapeptide triptorelan

  1. decapeptide triptorelan

    anyone familiar with this one? a respectable and yet fear inducing one. At low doses to initiate pituitary gland and LH.. At high doses to induce chemical castration...

  2. I've used it and reported the blood work for it. At 100mcg, it is sufficient to start PCT. It has an effect for about 3-7 days depending on how pure your stuff is. Mine wasn't very pure and only worked at kickstarting PCT in the first 3 days. I would just do hcg if you can. 2000iu of hcg in the first week would be more effective and cheaper, imo.

  3. thank you, fueled. I am thinking similarly. I wasn't expecting anybody to have experience with it first hand. Its unfortunate that the sources available to us via internet are so unpure as that. I'd bet that if i went and bought 5 different bottles from five different sources they would all prove to be similar to your experience. thanks again, God Bless
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