What would be best use of IGF-1? Cutting cycle or PCT

  1. What would be best use of IGF-1? Cutting cycle or PCT

    Thinking of purchasing IGF-1 and need some advice of better utilization of it. Thinking of taking it with Test prop/ Winny/Tren for cutting to maximize gains, or would i be better off using it during PCT phase to allow my body to recognize how its working? any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

  2. Cuting, with tren and prop is an awesome combo!
    Once you stop IGF you will feel it...unless you take HGH to soften the landing sort of speaking. So IMO is not the greatest thing for PCT.
    IGF is a fat burner a very good one

  3. IGF helps create new cells while your tren test combo is going to make old cells huge. igf is used to make new cells it seemingly makes the cells minimum size larger, that way it is easier to keep that muscle. I would encourage you to use igf later in your cycle in Small spread out doses, that way you can use in in pct as well.

    how long is your cycle?

  4. IGF is good for getting lean but its not directly thermogenic, IMO it is better to think of it as something to preserve mass

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