lowering ghrp-2 dose

  1. Question lowering ghrp-2 dose

    so on one of the threads on bluelight.com (not much help when it comes to anabolics) i read the max dose for ghrp-2 is 250 mcg, well i've been on this dose for 2 weeks and have experienced significant strength gains, but on some other site i read that anything over 100 mcg will provide little benefit and more prolactin-related issues.

    any truth to this. if it's pound/mcg, i only weigh 205. lastly, would i develop any tolerance if i lowered my dose so significantly?

    thanks in advance!

  2. Reduce your GHRP dosage by half

    Max range for abusing GHRP-2 administrations would be ~250mcg...typical as the vials generally contain 5000-10k mcg, can be difficult to arrive at a diligent & efficacious dosage of ~100mcg. Best to use less, more often

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