IGF and healing of broken bones

  1. IGF and healing of broken bones

    I've been a lurk for a while now and have read a bit about IGF and "overhealing"
    On 8/23 I broke my arm "big time" in a lathe at work, shattered in 2 places and snapped like a twig in another all in my forearm. I'm lucky to even have a arm. On the 8/27 I had my plates and screws put in. I've been thinking about starting a small dose IGF (20-40mcg) daily to help heal things up. Does anyone know where I can some reading about the pros and cons of such a thing?


  2. It will heal you up quick and good, big time. IGF-1 will heal just about any wound VERY well, that much is known. Just inject close to the break and keep the doses SMALL, maybe 5mcg per site per day?

    If your doses are too large, you risk acromegalia, which is an overgrowth of the ends of your bones. You don't want that.

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