Quick dosing for dummies question

  1. Quick dosing for dummies question

    5mg ghrp-6 in 2.5 ml of bac water...
    I'm using a 1ml syringe.

    each 10 mark is what?

    I know many people are used to doing 1ml or 5 ml for a 5mg vial, but for some reason I came to the conclusion I liked 2.5 ml years ago and can't remember what the heck to came out to be

    (I need to test this old stuff out and see if it's still good or if I need to get more)

    ...I'm remembering that if I want a 200mcg dose, I draw to tick mark 5 correct?
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  2. 3 ticks=100mcg.

    I'm on same thing
    And yes the dose is literally going to be drops.
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    Common bro why would u take d Bol just take plain steroids if ur gonna do it since first place

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