1. GHRP-2? GHRP-6?

    I'm posting this for my own research, as I haven't decided on what to do here.

    I've been going through the forum to do research on GHRP-2 / 6 ... and there's a lot of confusing threads.

    For several reasons, I've been looking at these two compounds ...

    1. I'm looking for a fairly safe means to help build new muscle ... not in large amounts and certainly not right away. I do pulses of Epi and Ultradrol but they are performed in a manner so they don't shut me down, or even come close, and I don't "stack" any anabolics - I take them one at a time. I've also used Ostarine a couple of times - and I like that stuff too. So basically I am looking for another tool for my box of "gentle cycling" - and I was intrigued that the GHRP's might be it.

    2. I'm 50 - I don't look it - and I lift heavier than most of the guys half my age in the gym (not on this board though - this board is full of ****ing freaks like me). I DO have joint issues from time to time - I always hurt when I lift and I have some kind of tendonosis in my knees that keeps me from doing parallel - or beyond parallel squats. Because of this - I'm laying off the squats and it brings tears to my eyes - I love them so much. BUT - I am still doing Deadlifts so this keeps me progressing physically. I have heard that the GHRP's could have a rejuvenation effect on joints.

    3. I've never pinned - but the GHRP's are an easy pin and I think I can do it. I learned how to butcher a cow on YouTube - and did it flawlessly. Pinning is all over YouTube and ain't anywhere near as complicated as butchering a cow. However - I won't be able to pin but maybe twice a day - once in the morning and once at night (I'd prefer pinning only once a day). There is no way I can take a needle into work for a midday pin - no way.

    4. I'm not looking to gain 20 pounds in a week. I'm not looking to increase my appetite. That worries me a bit - because if I eat too much I'll put on fat. Now - if there is something magical about the GHRP's that make you hungry AND burn fat - I'll have no problem with that. I know GHRP-6 increases hunger and, if I get too hongrey - I may dive into a tub of ice cream for extra calories. Right now I eat clean because I control my hunger - not sure how much discipline I'd have if I'm suddenly hongrey beyond belief! I'd like to actually CUT a bit though - not too much though.

    With that info - would either of the GHRP's be worth looking at? And, if so - which one?

  2. of the 2 id pick ghrp-2 because its at least 1.5x as potent as ghrp-6 for gh release, and it doesn't trigger as much hunger, strength gains from ghrp-2 or 6 is probably not going to happen you wont get much strength from these, gain some muscle as a result of them but then again not that much more than whats average, you should feel better with your tendons/ligaments and your joints should feel better, they will help you lean out a bit as well, moreso from my understanding, gh is going to help more in your overall body well being, it will definitely help you out in the gym but only to a small degree, just my 2 cents

  3. TBH mate, GHRP-2 and GHRP-6 are not enough to give you that of gains that are not achieved by diet, AAS, PH's ect.

    It simply tells the pituitary to release excess GH, in which is not enough to honestly see great results.

    If you go over your saturation limit @ a high dose a day, maybe youll see some gains over the course of some months, but nothing but prolactin problems over your sat. limit per pin.

    Its more or less like a regular GH increase would be, - good nature feeling,- burning of minor fat, - more anabolic during anabolic states, ETC.

    Its not going to give you a good blast of strength and muscle gain.

    GHRP 2 as said above, is more potent then GHRP 6, but GHRP 6 is good for "gaining" because its going to spike your hunger, and more food= more weight.

    Not worth looking at unless your runing for either PCT, anti-Aging, or injury recovery.
    Personally starting mine monday @ 300mcg a day for PCT and injury recovery, don't expect much more out of it, its just a simple peptide.
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    Common bro why would u take d Bol just take plain steroids if ur gonna do it since first place

  4. Thanks for the replies - I think you're right on this.

    Seems to be a lot of hassle for not a lot of payoff.

    Think my strategy will be to eat more - I already weigh 225 but I want to increase my lifts and it's just not happening very fast. I really didn't want to put on much weight and fat too - but it looks like I'll need to do it.

  5. Well why not run AAS?
    Theres also GH, Insulin, ect.

    they are all minor and pricey unless budget is empty, they all work way better with some friendly test
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    Common bro why would u take d Bol just take plain steroids if ur gonna do it since first place



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