cjc + ghrp + MUCH MORE

  1. cjc + ghrp + MUCH MORE

    alright, im currently 185 lbs 7-9% bf fresh off a 5 week cycle of Methadrol extreme which is a steroid consisting of max lmg, superdrol, and decadrol, i have started pct, although tomorrow is my last workout on the methadrol, ive started pct 4 days before the cycle ends just to hopefully maintain more of the gains/start up the test quicker, so far ive been dosing 2 tab of t911 ed 2 tabs of formadrol extreme ed 2 tabs (50 mg) pes erase ed along with 10 mg nolvadex ed while still on the last 4 days of the cycle

    i am going to kick the pct up a notch and actually try to get some pretty big gains out of it, ive picked up nearly all the supplements listed here for free or extremely dirt cheap and have just been collecting for awhile and going to run it all at once the plan is like this

    2-3 tabs/day t911
    3-4 tabs/day formadrol extreme
    8 tabs/day(12/day in last 2 weeks cause i have 2 bottles) Hexatest
    2 tabs (50mg)/day pes erase
    40/30/20/10/10 mg/day nolvadex(5 week)
    1 gram DAA powder/day (theres some daa in hexatest so only running 1g/day)
    anadrolic state gt on workout days
    now thats all for the pct/test boosting part of this, with all that im hoping to get my natural test pumping out as much testosterone as possible over the next 6 weeks the supercharged test boosting pct will be run

    along with what i hope will be a superb growth hormone cycle im planning on running for 2 months straight
    ghrp-6 100 mcg 3x/day
    cjc 1295 (non dac) 100 mcg 3x/day
    usp labs Powerfull 2-3 caps/night
    lg sciences Ghenerate (have 3 bottles) 10-12 sprays/night+6-8 sprays each ghrp-6 and cjc dosing (f**k what the label says 12 sprays/day max lol)
    arginine 1-2g before bed

    not going to say how, but everything listed in this pct/test boosting/gh thread (besides the ghrp-6 and cjc peptides), including the nolvadex i paid only about 150$ or less for, most of the stuff ive gotten for free or extremely good deals (not saying how) and ive accumulated most of this over the course of about 5 months and its just been sitting around, so i decided to throw together a cycle of everything at once and kinda want to know what you guys think of it and how its going to treat my body over the course of the next 2 months and i might possibly log it aswell

    goals: to be 200~ lbs 2-3% bodyfat ripped to shreds within 2 months without using anymore AAS, along with hopefully make my lipid profile feel better after the beating the methadrol cycle gave it

    other things to mention, im working on getting blood tests done soon not sure if i will or not but i really want to get some blood work done hopefully soon and then again in 3 months after i get off all the stuff ill be taking over the next 2 months

    also thinking about adding in pes Anabeta and want to know if you guys think i should, best i can get anabeta is about 30$ it doesnt look like i can get that one for free but i would like to add it in, do you guys think its worth adding in to this or not?

  2. alright ive started pct, ill have the ghrp/ghrh in about 7 days from now, thinking about adding in either a bottle of epistane run at like really low dose of like 10 mg every other day just to try and keep more gains from methadrol extreme cycle, aswell as aid in getting ripped up, either that or thinking about alpha t2/anabeta by pes what do you guys think? i can only get one to add in to this cycle either alpha t2, anabeta, or epistane 10 mg eod for about 8 weeks durring the whole gh/test booster/pct cycle as i doubt 10 mg eod will suppress me at all as ive taken epi before and found it very mild at 50 mg/day or do you guys think ill be good with what ive got? again i want to be 200 lbs 2-3% bodyfat within 2-3 months max thats my goal and im trying very hard to get there but ive got to lose some more fat and gain quite a bit more muscle to get to my goal at 185 lbs 7-9% bf atm

  3. Noway youll get to 3% BF without loosing muscles/on anabolics/anti-catabolics and what not, you won't get their taking miracle pills.

    Let me know how the CJC/GHRP goes, i just picked myself up some GHRP-2 for some tendon injury recovery. Where will you be pinning it?
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    Common bro why would u take d Bol just take plain steroids if ur gonna do it since first place

  4. thinking of pinning it in my thighs i havnt really decided on that yet, and i know its going to be hard to get there but i will get there eventually and ill probably throw in some low level anabolics on a cutting session at low doses but for the most part i want to stay away from anymore serious AAS use for at least 6 months

  5. Yeah but getting so low your bound to lose muscle mate, perfect diet or not unfortunately.
    Quote Originally Posted by Level9Germ View Post
    Common bro why would u take d Bol just take plain steroids if ur gonna do it since first place

  6. obviously im going to end up losing some :/ just wana minimize that loss as much as possible at the same time


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