IGF and the liver?

  1. IGF and the liver?

    Anybody know how exogenous IGF would/does affect liver enzyme values and cholesterol values, if at all?

    i'm more interested in its effects on the former.


  2. Interesting that you start a thread like this. I've been thinking about the same thing.

    If IGF-1 regrows hair and reverses testicular atrophy and is an all around wonder drug, maybe it'll help heal any damage we do to our livers with all the methyls. Just speculation, but since it's good for PCT anyway I'm looking at giving it a try when the time comes.

  3. I remember Dave Palumbo recommending GH to a bodybuilder who had Hepatitis C. He mentioned that the bodybuilder should focus on anabolic compunds that would have restorative affects on his liver such as GH. no mention of IGF but would love to here more on the topic.

  4. It will have no effect on liver enzymes.
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  5. Quote Originally Posted by Bobo
    It will have no effect on liver enzymes.
    good point.

  6. thanks. that's what i was looking for. any effect on lipids/cholesterol?

  7. It won't even be processed by the liver as it adheres to receptors on "damaged" tissues. Hypothetically it might bind to receptors on a damaged liver but there's no evidence of this that I know of. It would likely have a hard time even making it to the liver as it is absorbed almost instantly.

  8. that's good info. based on what your saying, it sound like it wouldn't affect Cholesterol level either?

    i'm just looking into PCT stuff that is as non-hepatatoxic as possible (and hopefully restorative)

    how about insulin? is it also kind to the liver and lipids (assuming one eats nofat ex-post injection)


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