A few quick questions on dosing, storing, etc for IGF-1

  1. A few quick questions on dosing, storing, etc for IGF-1

    Hey guys, read a ton of the stickies and still have a few questions. So I have a few buddies whom run IGF-1 LR3 and they gave me the following protocol. I have been running it now for 2 weeks however reading a bunch of threads on here has me questioning if im running the IGF-1 the best possible way. What I have been doing is:

    I have the (10) 120mcg vials of IGF-1 LR3 in powder form. Currently I have it store at room temp in a dry place. When ready to use I have been putting a full SLIN worth of bacteriostatic water into one of the 120mcg vials (10 iu's of BW), letting it dissolve for a few minutes, then dosing approx. 3 iu's of the mixture SC in fat near my lower abdomin. I have been doing this post workout. Each dose then should be approximately 40mcgs of IGF-1.

    I have a few kits on hand, enough to last me for a while. I was informed to dose 30 days on, 20 off, 30 on, 20 off, 30 on, then around 2 months off. My questions are:

    1) I know Acedic Acid is better for storage however is there anything wrong with the way I am storing and dosing now? After adding the BW to each vial I use it in 3 days so its not sitting mixed for more than 72 hours max. Anyone think this is a poor way of storing? I have read how to make AA and my only question is can you get the whatman filter and stuff online or do you need to get it locally at a drug store? Also, if I continue with the current methodolgy above how should I store the IGF-1 in powdered unconstituted form? Freezer or is it ok to have in cool dry place at/near room temp?

    2) How much better is IM vs SC? I have been doing SC now for a few weeks but if IM is far superior I can go that route.

    Any suggestions are greatly appreciated! Im 30 yrs old, 6'8" tall, 245 pounds approx 13% BF and looking to get into single digit BF. My diet is in check (2600-2800 calories via paleo diet currently) so hoping this puts me over the edge.

  2. i just got the 10 vials of 120mcg.. if i fill each vial with 1cc of aa what mark on a 1/2 cc slin pin with give me 40 mcg?

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