Whats so bad about DAC?

  1. Whats so bad about DAC?

    Could someone explain the reasons DAC is so bad? Im thinking about useng it in a stack where Id only be pinning twic a day, but is that still to much? Anyone have a bad experience while on it?

  2. cjc with DAC is slow releasing. The pituitary tends to naturally release gh in spurts. this is why "pulsing" is so effective, it gives your body time to recover. a constant flow causes unnecessary strain on the pituitary, gh is being released as quickly as it's being created not giving anymore of those model physique effects. this has been referred to as gh bleed.

  3. yeah the drug affinity complex (DAC) is now viewed as a bad thing. but for short periods and low doses (8wk, 2000mcg a wk) i dont think its that bad. staying on long term is an issue tho.

  4. women produce gh in a much different pattern, a more constant flow rather than a large pulse. I wonder if any studies have been done with female usage.

  5. So what's best way to run cjc just 200-500mcg a night?
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