ghrp-2 + cjc#?W/DAC before and after bed a good idea?

  1. ghrp-2 + cjc#?W/DAC before and after bed a good idea?

    Question number 1: Which cjc number do you reccomend to stack with ghrp-2. Please explain why if you know a little science.

    Question number 2: From what I understand, the reason people say to stay away from DAC is that it keeps you pumping GH for a length of time that stresses the mechanisms in your body responsible for getting the gh made. Well, if a person who only had time to sleep six hours a day took DAC before and after those six hours of sleep, would it be bad?

    I mean, the GH mechanisms would have half the day to rest up so the question becomes "would they"

  2. your pituitary produces the gh, the ghrp and cjc(ghrh) tell your pituitary to produce a huge amount of it. The pulse is key, the pituitary doesn't produce gh in large amount all the time. it produces huge amounts during very short time. once the cell receptor takes it in its works on the cell for a long time though. anyway you cut it pulse is the way to go.

    cjc with DAC makes it keep producing GH until it has no more left, causing it to dribble small amounts. this will cause a strain on the pituitary gland and it won't yield the results of the pulse.

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