New to forum, IGF ?

  1. New to forum, IGF ?

    Been checking the forum out for a few months now and decided to register. I've done a few IGF cycles in the past but have a ? on an upcoming one. I've got about 3weeks left on my AAS cycle(150mg Prop EOD and 50mg Winny ED) and I was thinking about adding IGF in the mix for the last 2.5weeks(since i'll still be anabolic and get the best results from it) at about 60mcg a day. I planned on running it again towards the end of my PCT, but my ? is, is it a waste to only run it for 2.5weeks or should I just wait and run it at the end of my PCT. Or should I do both? thanks

  2. i would do both - start now and run it thru PCT...

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