GHRP-6 Detectable time

  1. GHRP-6 Detectable time

    I was just wondering if GHRP-6 is detectable in a urine test, if so how long does it stay in ones system? thanks

  2. Idk for sure, but with a half life 30 mins. I'd feel safe with 24 hours for sure.

  3. If they can even test for it???

  4. No way they'd ever test for it. No way in fukc. It's just a peptide, which means it's a very small protein. In the body, proteins get broken down into amino acids and then into Carbon Dioxide and Nitrogen. You breathe out the CO2 and the Nitrogen comes out as Urea, which is the yellow in your piss. Peptides have no metabolites in the urine. It would be theoretically possible to detect in the blood I suppose. But there's no commercial test available that could detect it. It would require a specialized high tech research lab with an HPLC and a Mass Spec and access to GHRP-2 sample and lots of time and professionals, etc. etc. They might not even be able to find it even if they knew exactly what they were looking for. But anyway, I digress.

    Anyway, if you're getting pee tested you're totally fine.

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