Peptide Osta stack overkill or just right.

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    Peptide Osta stack overkill or just right.

    Well first off I'm very new to this whole Sarm/peptide stuff. So I'm definitely looking for some advice here from more experienced users. I'm giving this a go and it's my first cycle of anything aside from protein and creatine since my horrible experience with an SD Epi bridge that left me with Jaundice for 6 months. plenty of time has passed I've gained all my weight back/mostly muscle, but I am looking to trim the fat gain or maintain some muscle and increase strength/size or appearance. Any way here is what I'm looking to run.

    week 1
    10mg Osta ED
    100mcg Ghrp-2 pre wo
    50mcg each side peg mfg post wo
    100mcg Ipamorelin pre bed

    20mg Osta ED
    100mcg Ghrp-2 pre wo
    50mcg each side peg mfg post wo
    100mcg Ipamorelin pre bed

    Let me know if it looks good advice ect.... I know doses aren't the highest i've seen but I'm not a very big guy definitely fit/strong @ 5'3" 170lb. Also i'm having a hard time finding out if peg mfg needs to be pinned directly into the muscle or does it matter if you chose a different site.

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    you use 1 or 2 peptides 2-4x ED....not once ED and you wouldnt use Ipam & GHRP 2....just one of them.

    id do

    GHRP 2 / cjc 1295 non DAC 100mcg 1st thing am, post WO, pre carbs/fat 30min pre or post pin. wks 1-10 or 1-12
    osta @ 15mg for 8wks

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