HGH and fat cells in the breast?

  1. HGH and fat cells in the breast?

    so... this piqued my interest as I was reading random things on the internets...

    Fat cells are still cells, why don't they grow as well when using hGH?
    do ALL fat cells respond the same way to hGH?
    hGH use in females, can't find much info on this, side effects?
    any link between hGH topical breast enhancement snake oils and real hGH injection and breast enhancement?
    ... and no, I'm not referring to myself, just wondering about this in general...

  2. very interesting question, bumping for you because id like a reply

  3. Hmmm never thought about that. Hgh actually burns fat so this has me interested as well big Ol BUMP
    Test e/dbol/epi/winnie

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