So I was experimenting with MGF today, and found out an ideal procedure to back fill the pins. 50cc slin pins are so [email protected] narrow that you'll often get air bubbles trapped between the liquid. With that being said, I though I'd share what I did today.

get a box, get a knife, cut a bunch of small X's in the box.
Get out your slin pins and stick them into the X's (red pin cover only, just enough to hold the pin straight (1/4" in)
pull out all the plungers, set aside in sterile area. (I used wrapper of a 3ml syringe I just opened)
Next, fill the pin with BA NaCl water. (if you want 10iu of peptide, fill to 40iu w/ BA - adjust accordingly)
--This makes it wasy to get out all the bubbles since you can just squirt the BA water in there and get rid of any trapped air bubbles
Now that you've got enough BA water in there, put in our peptide by sticking the pin tip into the BA water and slowly pushing the plunger until you reach to 50iu mark.
after this, you can proceed to either top it off w/ BA, insert plunger, and store, or skip the topping off, insert plunger, and spend the next couple minutes flicking the air bubble between the 50iu mark and the plunger so you can completely insert the plunger and get the air out.

Any liquid that you squeeze out will ideally be mostly if not all BA water, since if you slowly released the peptide into the top, it should stay mostly in the upper portion so that when you insert the plunger, the 1-2iu you lose will only be BA water.

I dosed all 20 of my slin pins at 100mcg MGF for bilateral pins. For some reason I ended up with the last pin being only 4iu?? so I jsut used that for a quick SubQ shot pre-WO, didn't want to waste any. LOL

I'm storing all my pins in a small bag in the freezer until I need to use it, then I'll just thaw it.