SLAP Tear Recovery Experiences and Recommendations

  1. SLAP Tear Recovery Experiences and Recommendations

    Hello, I've just been told I need to have the surgery and have been reading about what to expect, both in terms of the surgery as well as the recovery. Mostly the recovery. For those that have had it done, what did you do above what the doctor recommended to get you back as fast as possible. Years ago I think I remember reading of people using many different things such as UPS's Super Cissus, Flax oil, Fish oil, Oratropin, (which I know is no longer available), IGF-1LR3, etc. What is the current thinking on recovery supplementation? Thanks in advance for all opinions as well as recommendations based on experience.

  2. a guy i know tore his pec while benching. i didnt see it but supposely the muscle curled into a ball. guy started using alot of cjc in the muscle after the surgery. he said he was using a vial of cjc every other day, i would assume 2mg vials (all cjc i know is in 2mg vials) so total of 6mg/week!!! russianstar recomends 1-2mg/week. he was benching 135 4weeks after surgery. now its been proably a year, recovered 100% and hit a new pr just a few months later at like 430ish bench.

    could it work? idk. never need to find out (knock on wood). i took 500mcgs a week and stayed healthy a whole bulk season and thats pretty good for me.

  3. Thanks for the recommendation, I appreciate it! I thought this was a common injury and I'd have several ideas - Maybe Im in the wrong forum?

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