Another question for JONBLAZE

  1. Another question for JONBLAZE

    Hey Blaze just wanted to fill you in on the great results I'm getting from IGF. I mean this stuff is AWESOME. I'm like a kid in a candy store. My muscle belles look so full and round as if someone blew air in them.

    In any event, here's my questions. With IGF being so great is it possible to use it, with my other goodies such as A50, Deca and Test, and get the same results I'd get if I'd used A50,Deca, Test and GH and slin?

    In other words, which is better for bulking , in your opinion? GH & Insulin with the usage of Deca, Test and etc or IGF-1 with the usage of Deca and Test and etc.?

    Also, is it a good idea to use IGF with GH during precontest? I mean my muscle belles are so FULL it's unreal. I'm 242lbs, from 234lbs in one week but look like I'm 250lbs. I'd love to keep this fullness during precontest too.

    After talking with a friend who told me insulin is so dangerous and that you can get fat from taking insulin, even if you're eating clean, I would not want to take the chance if IGF is as good.

    What do you think? Sorry for the long message. Thanks Bro.

  2. Slin does make some people fat even w/ the right dosage and no fat during the slins active window, but usually igf-1 tends to counter that. For muscle gain i'd stack igf-1 and slin w/ some test.

    I'd give the slin 1 run first to see how it works for you before you near your contest. If it starts making u fat then you'll know not to use it near contest time. Since you're on an igf-1, either u could add slin now for the next 3 weeks or something, or wait 4 weeks after the igf-1 and try it. You really dont want to run slin for 4-6 weeks right after you've run igf-1 for 4 weeks.

    As for the GH, unless you're gonna be on for a long time i wouldn't. (4iu's at like 4-6 months.) The effects are much faster w/ the use of igf-1, and GH is expensive for that duration.

  3. As far as slin being dangerous, it's not too bad if you use it right. There is a sticky thread up top which basically tells you when to inject, how much to inject, what to eat after u inject, and hypoglycemic sideeffects to be cautious of. If you follow that, you should be ok.

  4. Hey Blaze. I've decided to run slin on my next cycle. I just started this cycle ( one week on thus far) and will run IGF1 for three more weeks than off for 14 weeks. I'm running Deca, Test and A50.

    Will run A50 for three more weeks and the remaining six weeks will be just Test and Deca. Then I'll get off Test and Deca and run Eq at 200mgs for eight weeks ( bridging).

    Then I'll start my 2nd cycle ( of this year) and run Deca, Test, A50 IGF1 and slin. I'll run this cycle for 12 weeks and this will take me up into my precontest dieting which.

    The Eq at 200mgs for eight weeks is to bridge so I don't lose too much. Usually after a contest I get off all drugs for three months. Get my blood test and a full medical health review.

    How does that sound?

  5. i'm not too big on bridging but i can see why you're doing it...

    As for the slin, you can't run it safely for 12 weeks. You can run it 4 weeks, 6 weeks tops at which point you need to take 4 weeks off.

    Your best bet would probabaly run it weeks 1-4 then again 8-12. Or you could run it weeks 6-12.

  6. Oh I was not going to run slin for 12 weeks. I was going to run it on my second cycle for three weeks and four weeks off and then three weeks on. My 2nd cycle will be around mid December.

    As for this cycle I rather just run IGF1 and see what results I get with this. On my 2nd cycle I'll run slin with IGF1.

    Yeah I usually bridge so I don't lose much size and can keep most of my thickness leading up to a show.

    I would not recommend it but it works and that's why I usually take three or four months off all drugs afte the contest.

    Hey I will also PM you. Thanks JonBlaze.
  7. Slin and IGF1

    I read what to eat and when to inject slin. My question is when using slin and IGF1 can I mix the two and take one injection ( post workout) or is it best to split the two and just take insulin ( post workout)?

    How do you do it? Thanks.

  8. Quote Originally Posted by Nuteboy
    I read what to eat and when to inject slin. My question is when using slin and IGF1 can I mix the two and take one injection ( post workout) or is it best to split the two and just take insulin ( post workout)?

    How do you do it? Thanks.
    take them both at the same time PWO. Most everyone i know uses the same syringe.

  9. personally i think you should run the slin a week before you go on the igf-1 next time around. That way you can see how you react to it. Also keep in mind, igf-1 increases slin sensitivity, so you def dont want too high of a dose of the slin.


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