Help with peptides for tendon

  1. Help with peptides for tendon

    I had right elbow tendinitis for a couple of yrs and about 4 wks ago i started to get a slight burning pain when i would lift. I got an mri and it turns out i have a partial tricep tendon tear. The ortho doc said he doesnt recommend surgery and that it should heal on its own. I did do a prp injection about 3 wks ago and i took 2 wks off and now im back in the gym but only doing about 50% of normal weight. I thought about doing either peptides or gh not sure though. Any help would be great on what to do for tendon healing

    Ghrp-2 & cjc 1295


    Igf Lr3


    Should i do gh and if so how many iu's a day or will the peptides be good enough. What about igf and alflutop?

    Thanks again for any feedback

  2. Jahcuree
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    Look into ipamorelin, alot of people have had success injecting into the areas around the injury (into muscle or fat tissuee around it).

    *See Russianstars posts on ntbm forum (sticky note)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hgh_Peptides View Post
    Lr3 or cjc1295 DAC if you dont mind slight puff of cortisol....
    Remember the benefits of cortisol.
    I wouldn't rule out fragment or mk-677.

    Remember 50 days max with lr3 at .1mg a day.
    have you used LR3 personally? If so what were your results?

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