anyone gain some hair back from using IGF-r3?

  1. anyone gain some hair back from using IGF-r3?

    I thought some said they did one day but I havent read it since.

  2. ive read a few posts from people who have had this experience.

  3. Me too. My 4-head grew back in to a 3-head, after 2 months since last IGF shot, my wife still comments about my new hair growth, it was definitely a pleasant "side affect" of LR3IGF-1.

  4. So is the hair staying put or is it starting to re-shed?

    Inquiring Q-balls want to know.

  5. I am starting to reshed. but i was shedding when i started.

  6. It is staying put. I kind of expected it to disappear once the IGF was stopped but it has been 2 months and it is still hanging in there.


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