help which peptide to take for tendon tear

  1. help which peptide to take for tendon tear

    I have had right elbow tendonitis for a couple of yrs now but i just pushed through and it got worse. I recently started to get a more burning pain when i lifted so i went to a orthopedic and he did a mri and it revealed a partial tear of the tricep tendon. About 40% tear. I asked if i need surgery to repair it and he said he doesnt recommend it bc he would rather see it heal and he said it should heal on its own and I just have to take it easy for about 6wks.

    I was thinking about taking peptides just to help the healing process. Currently I am taking gluc/chon/msm cissus, collegan , and icing alot.

    I heard that igf is good and even ghrp6

    At what dose should i do and will these peptides help with healing along with me taking a break from lifting

    I am 6 5 280 16% bf been lifting for 7yrs

    Thanks again

  2. Igf 25mcg in each side (muscle closest to tendon if elbow biceps and trice)

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