8 week Ostraine cycle with bloods

  1. 8 week Ostraine cycle with bloods

    Hi, my name is Mat, I'm new to this site and forums in general.
    I am planning on doing a cylcle of Ostraine at 25mg/day over 8 weeks.
    I'm from Australia and SARM's down this way are not very well known of. I have done 3 cycles of AAS in the past and have had some really good results, the only thing stopping me from going again are the sides, male pattern baldness runs in my family and I notice I start to shed when I jump on a cycle, loss of libido also occured quite mildly but as I was younger when on cycle and it didn't effect me too much as I had a rather high drive naturally, now aged 28 I want to steer clear of shutting my test down if possible.
    So after coming across SARM's in an article on the net, the so called PRO's V's Con's really appealed to me, I have since done quite a bit of research and read a lot of forums "good and bad" on the effects and results of SARM's, namely Ostraine. I have come to the conclusion that if you can get your hands on the real deal this stuff can offer some pretty good results.
    I am not using it as a PCT but instead hoping to gain some lean mass and drop some body fat at the same time.
    I have just ordered my ostra and am expecting it in the post this week.
    I plan on doing a full log during this 8 weeks and the 4 weeks to follow it.
    I will be under going bloods prior, at 6 weeks and at 12 weeks if needed.
    I am 28 yo, my weight is 79kg (174 Pounds) and I am 6ft (182cm) tall
    Stay tuned to see my results

  2. Its a bit hard to read that on my cell but I'll try to follow.

  3. Labs are always a welcomed addition.
    ~ Nothing can kill the Grimace!!

  4. I'm following this. Will be keen to see some progress pics also.
    Earn your body.

  5. Still waiting on Ostra to arrive guys, shouldn't be too long now
    Glad to have another Aussie on board BPP, will be posting before and afters mate.
    Don't Waste Your Workout

  6. Subbed
    Check my AnaBeta, Erase and DAA log at:


  7. A month and a half later my Osta Sarms finally arrived, sorry about the wait guys, it took forever at no fault to the supplier, they have been great, I put it all on Australian customs.

    I'm going to get my pre bloods done today to show all natural levels. I'll be starting my osta cycle shortly after. Watch this space.
    Don't Waste Your Workout

  8. Let the games begin. It'll be interesting to see how much lean muscle you can pack on with just Osta.
    Earn your body.

  9. Bump. For update please MatyD. I trust you have completed your second set of bloods by now?
    Earn your body.
  10. Jahcuree
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    that was a disappointing thread after reading the title :/

  11. Any updates on this?
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  12. been interested int his compound laitly
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  13. This thread is 6 months old..


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