questions about igf1

  1. questions about igf1

    1.when one uses Lr3 with slin pin used its inj only pre or post?
    2. If some had a lagging body part like arms would it be effective to just use off during arm days or is this a use constantly or worthless thing since off grows hyperplasia on inj muscle.

  2. 1. LR3 you can inject just about any time, the LR3 version lasts longer and is more "systemic" in nature compared to DES. I would go with pre-workout since it gives a nice pump and also it won't interfere as much with natural MGF (Mechano Growth Factor) levels post workout.

    2. LR3 will not be as site specific as DES. Some say you don't even have to inject LR3 IM, you can pin sub-Q and it will have a similar effect. If you're using LR3 it would affect all muscles, not just arm. If you use DES, then you would inject the working muscle group bi-laterally pre-workout (i.e., 50mcg each bicep, 100mcg total, if working biceps).
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