GHRP6?..IDK what to do to fix 'me' back to normal

  1. GHRP6?..IDK what to do to fix 'me' back to normal

    1. what is good for controling my prolactin? and cortizol?
    2. I ****ed with ph and basic test boosters (non steroidal, t-bomb2 and tribulus and others for pct ) in high school. took atleast 2 months off inbtwn ph's.
    3. I have popping joints (its not significant but i feel as though my body has aged ahead of my age..opps), and a weaker lower back (have always had poor posture), i also have slight gyno problem (perscribed tamoxifen so ill be ok wihh PCT for anything, i can get armidex to but cant find letro .) ****ed upttaking sust/deca stack september 2010 (great results but threw off my natural test a lil, reason why ive been clean/natural). then tried ghrp6 january 2011 at low dose (helped my joints). havent taken anything since other than a dose of pre workout supp from time to time on heavy days (and whey protein). havent made many gains..
    4. Now i feel as though i am 'weaker' in a sense..body gets stiff when i smoke weed (used to be a pot head so that sucks, thinking possibly high estrogen levels from gyno make me feel like **** when im high).. i clearly just got used to being of some sort of 'enhancer'
    5. Highly considering GHRP6 for and extended amount of time (next week until xmas time) thinking it will help my body fix itself.
    6. Im turning 20 at the end of this month.. 6'1, 195-200 varies. still strong just poor joints.
    7. What do u think i should do or not do to get my 'body' back on track/feeling 20 again?

    Thanks..tried to keep that as short as poss. sorry if u hate reading a paragraph.

  2. I would def not smoke weed cuz increases estrogen levels and that will make your joints stiff (no pun intended). I am using a supp right now called GLC 2000. Glucosamine /Chondroitin nothing crazy but its been making my joints feel better. The GHRP6 is HGH releaser so prob won't effect your test levels. Dude you are young enough and it doesn't sound like you did too much damage. I would not take T-Bomb or anything like that its just make your recovery take longer. Stay off everything eat right get sleep, left heavy compound moves, deads squats, militarys and do 5x3 or 5x5 routines and your levels will come back soon enough. I know it seems like forever but its happen in -3mths. If you do another gear cycle read up on PCT and plan your sheaat...

  3. THANK YOU! the first person who agreed with the fact that weed ****s your estrogen.. and thanks for the advice, im gnna do what u said, and look into that GLC 2000. what are your thoughts on this: C-Binos gyno reversal, i know what to do for it, i may be getting some letro today actually but not sure.. if i do i was considering letro use for a week or two (i have 20% bf, big boned as child so ive always been have %) that would kill my gyno and estrogen...then i have the tamox to use for as long as be gyno free and i feel sometime round october itd be safe for me to blaze again! not blazing has killed my social life lately being home from college stuck in a town where theres nothing to do but work out and LIGHT UP. thoughts on letro reversal now while im still in recovery stage?

  4. Yeah, it looks fine. A-dex works for me but letro should be just as good. I would try to get back within normal levels and just smoke lightly. If your not sure as your doc to get blood levels done. it will give you a real assessment of whats going on. PH can do ask much damage as AAS. Good luck bro

  5. Ill keep you posted. cant thank you enough


  6. Bro you will be fine. Just take some antinflammation (etc. high doses of fishoil, glucosamine chondroitin(sp?), aspirin or white willow bark, etc. etc.) But give it some time. Do some letro to get rid of the gyno. Take a natty, or even an estro blocker.and take it easy for a a year. GHRP isnt a "health" cycle your looking for. We have research that it helps. But we have no idea what it does in the long run.
    Just take you vitamines and your herbs. RElax and workout for a yr er so....

  7. thanks madds. i havent taken anything since last sept..kinda have waited a long time. thinking of one of these two options:
    1) letro reversal, tamox for rebound--> t bomb or ph cycle (basic but something) tamox will be taken to prevent gyno
    2) i dont have really bad gyno. i usually flares up when i smoke weed or drink, or just a night when test levels lower, so how about i start methyl 1-d later this week while on letro (that i would start today), this would kill the gyno i have and prevent any caused by the ph, ive waited since september last year as far as taking anything other than whey basically. then i would taper off with the letro, start tamox, slowly taper off the tamox and the methyl 1-d at the same time, getting my gyno gone, estro and test levels even at the same time?

  8. third option: take the vitamins u just spoke of, letro reversal, taper off, begin tamox, taper of that. wait a month, start methyl 1-d in begining of october

  9. If your going to do a ph i would go something basic... and i mean basic basic.. like hdrol, or legals products. or formestane. or even just an estr blocker like erase or 6oxo. or whatever. Tbomb is good but save that for a later cycle.

  10. Im no expert on hormones but I thought I read somewhere that testosterone aromatizes in fat cells? Idk now that I think about it its probly not true but I know high bodyfat usually equals low test levels. If I was u id just take a time off all hormonal products and just try to get bodyfat as low as u can. Dont know if it would really make that much of a difference though. Idk just my .02
    you can lead a man to knowledge, but you cant make him think.


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