the guy I ordered from had forgot to send me some BW to dilute my igf-1, can I still draw out my desired amt of igf-1 and inject it subcutaneously with the same results??????

  2. no, The main problem i see is that you will lose a lot in the needle. That is not good when you're using such a tiny amount.

    Just wait a few days and get BW before you start.

  3. BTW pretty much everyone who has used igf-1 has decided in favor of IM injections as apposed to sub-q, i think it should work better

  4. i was about to say. you want to do IM shots. it slows the dump into blood and you get a boost for that particular muscle.

    you definitely want to wait for the BW to dilute with. your body will NOT like straight BA.


  5. Even too high a diluted concentration..I have the bruises to show for it, lol.

    Not having BW on hand is not a very good reason to title a thread with the words "Desperate..HELP!"

  6. You can get bac water to your doorstep in 3-4 days if you order now.

    No reason to fret over a few days.

  7. yeah, I got some already from a pharmacy, I had such a hard time getting it, anyways, I injected in my calves, and today i have a freaky huge lump in each calf, it looks pretty cool

  8. I've got 100mcg powder vials of IGF. I've got both BW and BA. How should I mix it?
    I thought I could use only BA...

  9. Quote Originally Posted by th0m
    I've got 100mcg powder vials of IGF. I've got both BW and BA. How should I mix it?
    I thought I could use only BA...

  10. Quote Originally Posted by th0m
    use BA

  11. Quote Originally Posted by JonBlaze
    use BA
    for "mixing" inside the IGF vial/bottle ........ONLY USE BA

    in the syringe is where you add the BW to dilute and ease the pain from the BA injection. Even then, you will get a little pain from the BA.


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