HELP with IGF1 and BA

  1. HELP with IGF1 and BA

    I order 50ml of BA from MR and added 1cc to my gensci 100mcg vial all had just came out of frig. it just turned to a lump that looks like a sponge...did i just waste a bottle of igf1 then i added 1cc of BW and still did not break down the igf1 what is the deal ??? i had been using BW just fine with no problems but read on here that i may not be using the igf1 to its full potential with please


  3. describe how you used the BW please.. and I am deleting your other reposted thread. I know you are in need of help..

  4. I've heard the same from another person.....this worries me. Reconstituting LR3 from GP (and therefore anyone other than Gensci) with BA is effortless, and we know that GP is that standard for LR3. There's no reason that LR3 from Gensci shouldn't behave identically. I wouldn't just shrug it off and use BW like they recommend. There's got to be a reason for this. I'd never use gensci's LR3, as the price is far too high relative to MR's or any other's lyophilized LR3. you may want to email Gen Lei and ask him what his explanation is........likely he'll dance around the issue, but it should act identical to GP's LR3, if it is in fact LR3

  5. it has been in my frig over night and is very cloudy and a bit thicker then water...i guess i will do gh from gensci and igf1 from MR. THANKS



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