Wow, never knew what that stuff was for. I have seen it for sale as a supplement on a couple sites before then I found some info on the Bass site. Has anyone actually tried this stuff and lived to tell?

  2. Nobody here has tried this?

  3. im trying it right now, its great thermogeneic i heat up after i use it. i sweat alot and i feel some time dehydrated. after i apply it i cough for couple of minutes then it goes away. i lost 9 in 3 weeks, while on PGF and nyc stack. i think i lost tons of water weight also. when i finish my experiment i will update you with my results.

    here is feedback from guy who used it:

  4. That **** is crazy bro. Damn, keep us informed.

  5. Quote Originally Posted by BuiltOne
    That **** is crazy bro. Damn, keep us informed.
    I have used quite a bit of pgf-2a. It has some pretty strong sides but also gives good results. I take it when I'm ready to deal with the sides for a while, then come off to give myself a break. It requires frequent dosing and unrestricted use of a bathroom if injected in anything other than a low amount. The higher the dose the greater your ****s, sweats, intestinal cramps, and coughing up phlem. The closer you inject to the intestines the worse the cramps are also. It is a strong chemical. I do not think it is dangerous unless you injected over 10mg perhaps you couldn't deal with the pain. Subq works great for burning fat and is painless. IM is great for site enhancement but leaves you sore as hell and I quite frankly cannot stand IM useage more than a few days a week because my muscles get unbelievably sore from it. I can take it subq everyday pending I feel like dealing with it, but it works best for LBM increases if taken IM. Subq is not as good at building muscle and would be more something you would do for fat loss IMO.




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