tendon injuries

  1. tendon injuries

    hey guys sorry if there is already a topic started or this is in the wrong place but . i smashed my forem\am through a glass window in rage( i know stupid move) and in the process i cut the tendon that goes from wrist to my pinky. i have just got out of my cast (10 days) and now in a splint the dr says give it 3 weeks until i can start physio. the problem is he says ill be out of work for 8-12 weeks which i just cant afford. im 6 foot 2 . 96 kg and been training consitinally for the last 6 years so am physically fit.. not as much as you boys from the photos tho. anyway my question is should i jump on the 1gf-1 and or sarms while my splint is on or would this be pointless and just wait till it comes off ? any help or suggestions would be great as i have no one to really ask these questions to.

  2. If you can get close to it go ahead. Also 'pump' products help out quite a bit due to increased bloodflow to the area. This helped me out alot.

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