Looking for Md

  1. Looking for Md

    Im new to this site, and I have been looking for a good place to get some LR3-Igf
    and I heard Muscle reseach/Md is the best to go with, does anyone know how i could go about finding them. It really help me out, damn i need to get some of this stuff!!! Please help

  2. www.muscle-research.com, you need to set up an account through paypal, which they will show you how to do on the website, you need a debit or credit card, I don't know if they'll take money orders or debit your checking account, but they have a contact link on the website , and he'll get back to you with info on that, good luck man

  3. Also you are a tad young to be using IGF-1 IMO.. you are ONLY 18

  4. 18 is way too young to be using any of the serious supps/drugs.

    Stick to the protein, creatine and solid diet for at least a few more years. You'll thank yourself down the road.

  5. Holy crap man! You should have enough test/gh in you at your age as it is! If you start introducing that stuff from somewhere else, you will definately f*ck something up.
    Trust what people here are telling you. You WILL be glad you did.

  6. I would expect IGF to do about jack **** for you at your age. You will respond much better in your late 20s & up. Save your money.

    I agree you are too young for any androgen, igf, etc.

  7. You could do 50 IU a day.. and be lucky to see a big trip on your serum IGF-1 a few hours later.... at this age... your numbers are so remarkably high compared to your elders.... take these guys' advice and hold off......... or if you want to push fate... go get an IGF-1 serum panel.... and then rub our noses when you # is a few hundred units higher than our concentrations..
  8. Question

    thanks guys, i plan on taking igf when im 21, and im just gathering as much info on it and suppliers and stuff, just wanted to be well educated on it before i started it. I have no plans on starting , until 21, do u guys still think that is young to start?

  9. I think this stuff should be used by people older than 21, even though I am 21 and i'll tell you why I have been working out for a few years and have reached my max as far as AS can do, only after that should you use this

  10. Hey guys, i ordered from MR and they said it comes priority mail, is that a different carrier than regular mail?

  11. I too am 21, and I know I haven't reached my absolute max... I doubt you have.

  12. Yeah but check this out, I'm 6'1 241 lbs. 8% bf with 19 1/4-191/2" arms 19 inch calves and a 30 inch waist man I'm definitely maxed out, dude I've juiced some much at this size and haven't gained an ounce, and i've eaten perfect , I might not be at my Absolute max but my gains are definitely moving along extremely slow, i guarantee you not many 21 yr olds have juiced as much as I have, Plus i have a competition a year from now that I want to win so I gotta do what I gotta do!

  13. Does the IGf from MR come in the powder form, or is it all ready made and stuff?

  14. Damn Synth.... How long you been using gear? How many cycles have you done?

    And out of my own curiousity, where ya live?
  15. This angers me so d&& much!

    For what it is worth, I would like to address the individuals who are juicing before they are any where close to reaching their full potential. You see there is no benefit from starting out at a young age. Not only do you supress the natural process of your growth potential but there are also the harsh affect that occur on the unseasoned organs. I am 39 and I did not touch my first AS until I was 25 years old. Until then my supplements ranged from amino acids, a supplement by the name of "Hot Stuff", some of you old school gents may know about and mega supplement packs. That was all I took until age 25. Now at age 39, I can truly say it was worth the advice I took from the older guys back then. I started out at 6'1 160lbs. in 1988, and today I am 225lb solid and my range has reach as high as 262lbs. on the sauce a few years ago. Quite honestly I think anyone can make better gains because through those years I had various things which interrupted my workouts for months at a time. Now if you are young and don't give a dam about your health in the future, go on and juice away, but if you will like to look good 20 years down the road, don't be a lazy a** and try to cheat your natural potential because you will not benefit at all!

  16. Hot sauce? Was that the same company that makes Animal Pak? that's some old school stuff bro!

  17. Quote Originally Posted by SyntholMan
    Hot sauce? Was that the same company that makes Animal Pak? that's some old school stuff bro!
    LOL! I remember Hot Sauce Too. I think that was made by Universal Synth. Hot Stuff was a grainy type of powder and most mixed it with OJ. The stuff was so powerful, they made the stores take it off the shelf. Of course this was back in the early nineties when there were no PH's to subsitute for the real deal.


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