IGF-1 LR3 - best stacked with which other peptide?

  1. IGF-1 LR3 - best stacked with which other peptide?


    What does everyone think is the best peptide to stack with IGF1-LR3? one of the CJC's or one of the GHRP's and why?


  2. well seing as how, I assume your goals are mass than I would pick ipamorelin because of its non existent saturation dose, You can release all of your stored gh which would be wonderful if your injecting your igf post workout with ipamorelin so you can have a mega post meal and have excellent recovery. On the otherhand if yourf using this to say heal a injury I would go with cjcwith dac for injury healing purposes, say if you were injecting it in a torn bi, the tendons would be helped out by the dac vervios of cjc in conjunction. I think if your going for mass or leaning out I would get ghrp6 or ipamorelin, simply because there cheap and semi effective on there own the cjc seems less effective on its own in my opinion.
    I would do 100mcg ghrp6 morning
    300mcg ipamorlein postworkout with you igf pre and post
    and another 100mcg ghrp6 nightly
    You could work in another ghrp shot in any other large meal slot

  3. I would get something for prolactin, I have issues even at 300mcg daily of ghrp6. So pick a naty gh booster/prolactin reducer in one like ldopa, safed musli etc, a double dge is better for the money. Others will say huperzine and green tea or DMAE, your deciion though

  4. hey george, looking to lean out.

    can you recommend a prolactin product from nutraplanet? i know what ldopa is, but not sure what safed musli and double dge are...


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