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  1. END OF WEEK 3

    This stuff is finally starting show its anabolic power. Strenght, endurance, and size increase through out the spectrum. I had pumps so bad after my workout I thought I was going to pique. I have only been dosing the MK-2886/osta at about 8mg/day untill I get to my fresh bottle at home in which I will be dosing it at my regular planned 15mg/day.

    I found the probelm with the lethargic issues...Its the melonatan 2. I only dose it as a maintenance dosage 1mg 3-4 times a week...everyday I wake up after I dose and through out the day I am tired. Who would of thunk it?I will finally get to a scale monday and be home for 3 weeks, cant wait.

    I might post some pics at week 6 just to see final results...I know I dont have beginning pic but u will get the hint.
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  2. Very nice man I hope to start my peptide run soon. Has your recovery time improved?

  3. Quote Originally Posted by bashman View Post
    Very nice man I hope to start my peptide run soon. Has your recovery time improved?
    Ya, I would say my recovery has improved somewhat...I am going pretty hard and eating heavy so my body is getting tired as the week goes on.

  4. Beginning Week 4
    I am finally back home for a while...Weighed in at the gym yesterday at 172 lbs.
    Workouts are focused and intense.

    I increased my dosage to 15mg of oasta since I am now have access to a new bottle..This will last approx 1-2weeks. I am dosing the cjc 3 times/day at 100mcg.

    So thats it for now..up 4lbs and looking leaner.

  5. I just took a body fat test with the omron digital was 11%...Just to let you guys know.
    This number will drop now that I am home. I always trim up when I am off work and at home eating super clean.

  6. Begining week 5

    Everything you have heard in previous posts are true about these 2 products...Weight loss and a few lbs of muscle that seems to stay. As of now I am definately looking leaner and feel a little more "SWOLE."

    My libido is not in full gear for sure...If I start foooling around with the old lady then ya I get a little turned on, but thats about it.

    The melonatan 2 is kinda a cool pep. I have strawberry blond hair more on the redish side but this stuff not only changes your skin color it also has changed my hair color to blondish, brown, red. And my roots are black along with my facial hair. I have gotten alot of comments on my hair and golden tan has never lookes so good with this combo of peps and melonatan.

    Other than that I feel fairly good and am ready to see the final results in 1-2 weeks.

  7. What kind of maintenance dose are you taking for the Melontan II .You may need to take an anti-estrogen of some type .I would recommend nolva from your peptide source .That may up your libido a bit .I have read in other peoples threads that their testosterone levels were low after their MK-2866 cycle .That was how I got on legal TRT I quit taking my usual Test Prop .I felt super bad .It may have been a misprint but my Test levels came back minus 237 .
    Back to thread subject .You may order some of the pt-141 .It is supposed to up your libido .I went to the local all nude strip club and did an extra 1mg of the Melontan II not counting the 1 mg I took that morning but also took 2 extra 25 mg proviron tabs since a side effect of it is frequent erections.I kept almost a constant erection and ejaculated on my self 6 or 7 times if not more .Was embarrassed to to the bathroom with a big wet spot on me.
    Not bad for 60 yr old man .My girlfriend worked there but I never called her to see if she was working .She was 27 and gets into working out to since it a requirement for her to look her best if she wants to make money .we later broke after I went there again without calling to see if she was working .
    Could elaborate on that more but do not want to hijack your thread .I am just trying to give you an example from personal experience Next time you and your girlfriend have sex try taking another 1mg shot .I guarantee you will not have any regrets .
    Also do you feel like you have gained overall lean body mass and that the scales are not a good indicator of your overall lean body mass gains since when you look in the mirror you can tell you have lower bf .My mirror is what tells me if I have lowered my bf not necessary my bf measurements .

    Good luck and keep all this good info coming .I can hardly wait to start my similar cycle and maybe one identical to yours .got food cooking ,gotta go

  8. 6 Weeks..FINAL THOUGHTS

    Well, I finally finished my cycle this past monday...Althought I am still finishing my peptides the MK-2886 is gone. I will continue to stay on cjc (until I run out which is soon) and GHRP for a while.

    I did change my PCT recently, I am taking DAA, Formestane, and Supress C by CEL. As far a pct right now I have already gained 1 lb this week...and my libido is already going nuts, it has not been a week yet so I am very pleased.

    My workouts have continued to improve, not dramatically but nice solid increases in strength. For example, I am now leg pressing 430lbs 3x15 wich is alot for me. I have noticed the biggest results in my legs as far a size and strength. I finally have an ass now. I still feel sore in the mornings and notice my muscles are tired sometime in the day...this you know the body is growing.

    Body fat remained about the same give 1%-2% through out the cycle..I am satisfied considering I drank alchol and beer and consumed quite a few calories..remember I do not do cardio, If you workout like you are suppose to (few breaks and high intensity like you are about to pique) a person really does not need cardio. I see so many people in the gym do a set and them take a 5min break, your not going anywhere doing that budd.

    SO to sum things up...My final weight in is at 176 today (the most I have ever weighed and I am happy). I am getting comments from people and feels great. That is up 8 lbs from the start. LIke I said my bf has remained about the same, I think I am going to try some cardio on a bike and mabe run or walk in the evenings to get shreaded.

    Would I recomend this to a freind??? Well yes, It cost me about $120
    for the osta and about the same for the peps..with the results I got and few sides it was a fairly nice...this would be a great cycle for somebody looking for a few lbs and a little bump in the gym..mabe bridging cycles. I am excited to see if I keep all the gains that will be the kicker.

    Here are a few pics taken today..Sorry I dont have any before pics I wish I did..hopefully you get the point.

    Any questions, debates, arguments, opinons??? Feel free to shout out.

    Thaks for following, hope you enjoyed

  9. I am going to have to figure out how to resize a wont let me add one.

  10. Great log man reps. Would be interested to know how you get on within the next month as things should only get better.

  11. Quote Originally Posted by bashman View Post
    Great log man reps. Would be interested to know how you get on within the next month as things should only get better.
    Thanks for following..stay tuned, I am trying to figure out this picture thing, that really shows the results. Look at my profile, I will try to add one some where in there...

  12. Ya, I just cant get it to load and I dont know how to re-size on my program..I already did so I dont know what to do or say??? Look at my profile or avatar, that pic was taken today, mabe you can get the point. If your a member of primordials fourm I have 4 pics over there under the same name as this thread..Sorry guys hope you all enjoyed.


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