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    So would taking IGF-1 along with Tamoxifen during PCT have any ill synergistic effects?
    Although IGF-1 is important in breast tissue growth, it's still usually dependent upon estrogen or progesterone or even prolactin (depending on the specific tissue type). So, blocking estrogenic activity at the breast via nolva and using LR3, there shouldn't be any ill effects, but that's no guarantee. i've never had gyno issues while using LR3, but I also always use at least 10mg/day of nolva (20mg/day during pct w/my clomid)

  2. well i found a small lump after about 2 weeks of igf....was the last two weeks of my prop only cycle. had sore nips the whole time, but was using 40 mg + of nolva throughtout it. its a small lump, pisses me off tho. not necessarily the igf, but i didnt have it the 8 weeks prior, was able to stave it off with the nolva....guess igf put it over the top...

    course, once i found it i stopped the igf . figures two days after i stop, this thread comes out and i find out not to do it. oh well.



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