New Here - Advice Appreciated

  1. New Here - Advice Appreciated

    I have only ever used over the counter oral supplements. But I am very interested in the GHRP-6 & CJC 1295(modGRF 1-29) combination.

    I am 31, male, 6'2", 158 lbs. WAY under weight. I eat well over 3500 calories a day without trying and exercise regularly(although have not been hitting hard). I can eat a 16 oz steak, giant loaded potato, cheesecake, candy and a lot more all while laying in bed to go to sleep...and not gain a single pound. I would like to acquire HUGE strength as well as bulk up to about 195 or maybe even more?

    Not interested in a lifetime of subQ's but more as a kick start to my bulking up. I was thinking a 3 month cycle but it seems that 3 months is just a start with these things. I plan to read read read a lot more information here before taking the plunge but I hope to order the GHRP-6/modGRF combo pack to start with/test. I am fine with 6 month run I would think. I am overall in good health other than not being able to gain weight. I also have prior experience with IM's for pain management after an injury 6 years ago so I have no fear of syringes. Working on my first real 'diet' plan right now and will post in the appropriate area once I tune it in a bit more. Plan on incorporating GOMAD with various healthful foods and supplements.

    I was getting cortisol injections to help with a lack there of. Would the cortisol producing effects from the GHRP-6 actually be beneficial to me instead of the opposite due to my specific circumstances? I have not had trigger point injections or anything else like that in 5 years.
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  2. Under weight indeed. Save your money on peptides and buy some steaks and ben and jerry's ice cream. You NEED to be focusing on your diet for quite some time IMHO before jumping into the deep end. 3500 calories you say? some people cut on 3500 calories a day. It all depends on the individual. You seem to need more. I would even go out on a limb and say you are probably not eating as much as you think you do. If you were eating enough you'd be growing. Plain and simple. I suggest checking out (i have the app on my phone and i love it) for calorie tracking. Cheers.

  3. Yes, I just joined fitday last night thanks to suggestions here - although when I put my info in it said my goal weight was above my starting weight and gave an error. So I guess I have to go about it a backwards way? haha I have been just writing down on a 'diet calendar' that my wife got me and calculating by hand. Here is the basic meal plan I am working on, I just started setting it in writing an hour ago, so please bare with me.

    Meal 1 8am:
    1 liter of whole milk
    1 cup of oatmeal
    1 scoop of whey
    4 eggs
    1 Cup vanilla yogurt

    Granola bar
    Cup of raisins

    Meal 2 10am:
    PB&J sandwich
    1 liter of whole milk
    1 babybel cheddar

    Protein bar

    Meal 3 12pm:
    1 Can tuna
    1 tablespoon mayo
    1/4 red onion
    1 tablespoon blue cheese
    1 liter of whole milk
    Handful of chips

    Protein shake

    Pre-workout meal 2:30pm:
    Simple chicken sandwich
    1 tablespoon of peanut butter

    Workout 3-4pm

    PWO 4:30pm:
    Glucose tablet
    Protein bar
    Fruit juice

    Chocolate, pie, etc.

    Meal 4 7pm:
    Large dinner
    1 liter of whole milk with protein shake
    Double dessert

    Snack till I fall asleep.

    I take flaxseed and fish oils, milk thistle, cranberry, l-methionine, dhea and various others which I have on shelf but not compiled yet. At this point, I eat a couple of pounds of beef or chicken per day, every day, for months(lots of beef jerky brisket), as well as insane amounts of cheese, peanut butter, almonds/walnuts and whole milk. I have been eating as much as I can for almost a year now and although I DID pack on more weight(I had a large kidney stone, genetic enzyme they said, lost a bunch of weight 3 months ago). I went down to the mid 140's and was feeling horrible - 158 now, so 18 lbs in 3 months doing what I am doing now. I do not know if that is good or not, but it feels like it is no-where near enough or what I would like it to be. I feel weak like I could blow away in the wind. My ribs are showing ya know, and that is with what I have been eating and the weight gained back recently. hahhaa I have issues with appetite and consume oral prescription green herb so I can eat - but that only helps so much. I am hoping the GHRP-6 will really kick in so I can hit the buffet at the local casinos and gorge for a few hours at a time. And my workout ends right before my wife gets home from work, which makes it perfect for me to have a chocolate banana protein shake real quick, then medicate and head to the buffet to shovel hopefully more than 2 plates down. As without the green herb I will eat only 1 plate, with the herb, sometimes 3 plates, I want to eat 10 plates! Or at least 5 plus dessert.

    But yes, the diet is coming first.

  4. "158 now, so 18 lbs in 3 months doing what I am doing now"

    That is a lot of progress. 18lbs is a lot, over 1lb a week. Under normal circumstances the average male can only put on ~1lb of muscle a week at BEST thus some of what you have put on is almost certainly fat. As i said before, you need to take several months to get your diet dialed in. You should only be eating ~500calories over your bodies maintenance for a lean bulk and thus minimize fat gain.

    As i have said before, I personally do not think you are even moderately ready for peptides or AAS. Excellent work on the gains. Keep it up.

    PS: lift the heavy ass weights.

  5. wow, I wish I could eat like you! What's the Dr sying about your weight? I would go to him first and see if the Dr can do some. Otherwise maybe Deca or something like that would fit you better? Idk I'm not expert but very intrested in your progres!

  6. Quote Originally Posted by onlyone View Post
    wow, I wish I could eat like you! What's the Dr sying about your weight? I would go to him first and see if the Dr can do some. Otherwise maybe Deca or something like that would fit you better? Idk I'm not expert but very intrested in your progres!
    AAS usage at this stage is a horrible recommendation.

  7. Quote Originally Posted by WerdUp View Post
    AAS usage at this stage is a horrible recommendation.
    Like I said, I'm not a expert, just sounded like a better idea. I think he already have his mind set on steriod use anyway...

  8. Well its all why I came here first. To ask questions and learn before taking it to another level. My daughter had her 'interview' at school today, k1 starts in 3 months and preschool will start in 2 weeks which gives me a chance to take up a more hardcore workout schedule as well as start either tai chi or aikido.

    And yes, mind is pretty set on eventual ghrp-6. Everything about it sounds appealing and some of the longevity products are very interesting as well.

    At this 'stage' I am learning, reading, honing my diet, working on recipes, etc.

    Came down with systemic poison oak over the weekend so they gave me 2 days of 100mg prednisone(I know, horrible drug. but my crotch and eyes are covered, legs, stomach, arms, etc.), then dropping down 20mg every 2 days until its gone(few days worth). This stuff makes me insatiably hungry it seems and have eaten(havent calculated it all yet) an insane amount of food. I figure over these next few days I will take advantage of the torture between my legs by gorging myself with as much macro's as possible. 2 pb&j's, chicken sandwich plain, 2 roast beef sandwiches with muenster and blue cheese with mustard and greens, 2 tablespoons of peanut butter, protein bar, protein shake with more peanut butter, milk, ice cream, blackberries, banana, 6 hard cooked eggs, 10 fig newtons, liter of milk, about 8 glasses of water, 6 natural chicken nuggets, a 6oz peach pie and some more, all over a few hour period after leaving the pharmacy with the prednisone. I think that is a start!

  9. I have a similar problem. I'm 5'11" 165-170 and no matter how much I eat and train I only seem to get more definition and no mass and dont know what to take to help anymore. A couple years ago I went from 155 to 190 in 3 months by combining IntraVol and Anabolic Halo during a 6 day a week workout routine, but I havent had results like that again from anything.

  10. My fitday for today, I think I need less fat. Just picked today up some QuickMass, 5 boxes of quinoa and some more plain whey powder.

    Cals: 8,547
    Fat: 432g
    Carbs: 827g

    My first time using the fitday, still need to fiddle with it to figure out what parts I need to use other than the 'fitness journal' intake. Its also almost grocery day so I am running low on some things I would usually eat. Less fat, more carbs and protein.

    Doctor said I seem healthy other than the genetic enzyme that makes me prone to kidney stones (so no creatine loading) and do not look underweight. Despite what the numbers show and the fact you can see my ribs on occasion.

  11. Thanks again for the comments and tips so far. All stuff to chew on.

    I am wondering though, why GHRP-6 would be a bad choice for me at this point? It was stated its not a good idea right now, but not why. I understand that if someone is interested in flight that they do not attempt to fly an airplane without proper knowledge and training. I am assuming its along those lines, but I do not see the negatives with the gh in comparison to aas?

    Fitday says I am on the low end of healthy weight. I want to be in the high end of being able to pull myself up a wall with one hand.

    I am at 'Screech' level - want to reach 'AC Slater' level. Had some funny pics to go with that but I need 50 posts to post a link or an image. haha

  12. So, no valid compassionate answer on why a person at my stage should not make use of these products?

  13. Apple Cider Vinager daily will help you with the Kidney Stones. GHRP6 makes you eat like a mofo. Even though that's kinda how you need to eat at your weight, I wouldnt use drugs of any sort until I got closer to 200lbs. Ipamorelin/mod 1-29 is a great clean combo that works well.

  14. Ok, dial in my diet. Dial in my program. Need to add weight and get some of my own muscle before I try and make that muscle any bigger.

    Makes sense. Thank You everyone.

  15. Hello again. Been over 2 years, I wanted to make sure I was heading into things properly(33 now).

    Got my weight up quite a bit, cut the excess milk/legumes/nuts from my diet, as the specialist told me to and its working - no recent kidney stones for quite a while now(compared to monthly!). Cant argue with that. I still drink milk but no more 'gomad' diet.

    I am just under 190lb as of this morning, but if I slack for a day I seem to lose weight extremely quickly(at least to me it seems that way). I have not tried any 'additives' other than herbal supplements since getting advice here in 2011. Just been focusing on "dialing in my diet, my daily/weekly program and bulking up in a healthy manner".

    I am hoping to get some direction once again. I have followed a lot of posts around the web for the last couple years and feel my original plan may still be viable for me.

    Stack of 100mcg each GHRP-6 and Mod-Grf(1-29) 2x a day(why 2 not 3? long drive and work day may prevent me from dosing in the morning). I have also been reading about TB-500 but have not really jumped into 'self specific' research, just the occasional perusing of posts. It does seem useful, possibly for me, as I have some lingering back pain from falling a couple stories with my left arm behind my back(2004 - said I might not walk but I DO and pretty well I must say. haha Swimming is the best for it so far, feel pretty good these days with my new workout program).

    Any tips are appreciated. Thanks again for the posts and the pm's that helped me get this far.

  16. Tb500 was awesome for my back/neck
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