IGF LR3 cycle, WITH insulin.

  1. IGF LR3 cycle, WITH insulin.

    Ok, now that your here,

    I am a type 1 diabetic, and just recently got my hands on some IGF, I have heard alot about it being simliar to insulin, and can make you more insulin sensative, ect. But, since my body makes NO insulin, and I just inject it according to what I eat, is there anything I should do differently?

    Can I get the same benefits as a regular person?

    I have heard insulin can potentiate the effects of IGF?

    Lastly, dosent the fat loss from IGF come from its effects on lowering plasma insulin? So, If I continued to inject the same amount, I wouldnt get the benefits because my insulin dose did NOT decrease? Maybe I am looking at it wrong...

  2. hmmmm interesting. id think using straight up insulin would be more effective then IGF. using IGF with insulin would be a waste i would think.

  3. Can you explain why?

  4. They seem to work fairly well together to me. You can get leaner while using insulin where before you may put on sum fat without adding the IGF..Pumps are better and strength does go up as long as my muscles stay full.

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