Insulin Cycle Question

  1. Insulin Cycle Question

    Are you guys going hypo basically all day on this stuff when you use it? Seems like you gotta constantly be eating carbs since humalin r lasts like 6 hours. I mean I'm not a diabetic so that's probably why. It barely takes 2 ius to get me hypo even after chugging a dextrose/maltodextrin shake.

  2. time your meals right man.. go by when hum r peaks... get a blood glucose meter and see where your at so u can time your meals and macros better... hypo off 2 ius is almost unheard of.. make sure u get that big meal of fast/slow digesting carbs at that one hr mark when its starting to peak

  3. cool thanks! When I go hypo for some reason my blood glucose is above 100 still. lol

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