Igf des timing question

  1. Igf des timing question

    I've been lurking on here forever and I feel like I finally have a legitimate question lol.

    If timing is such an issue with igf-des reaching receptors, would it be beneficial for me to spot inject IM at home and do a few sets immediately to get a pump, then drive 10 minutes down the street and continue my work out? Or is there any downside to having a 10 minute lag time before my 1st "main" lift?

  2. Inject right during your workout, run to bathroom, take the slin pins that you hided in your anus out and inject them bilateral or SubQ, up to you, DES is systematic

    or don't be an idiot, take it with you in the car, when you get to the gym, do some warmups, then inject in your car in the parking lot and then go to the gym straight to the workout...

  3. Load up on 75-100gms of carbs 20 minutes before leaving. Right before you leave to go to the gym, shoot 50mcg subq. Enjoy the skin exploding pump.

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