What should the GH dosage be???

  1. What should the GH dosage be???

    I've been reading that a sufficient dosage of GH is 4 to 6IU's a day.

    When I did the 2004 Jr. Nationals I ran GH for 11 weeks. Five of those weeks I used 3IU's a day and the remaining 6 weeks I ran GH at 2IU's a day. I had to do that as I was low on cash.

    My question is this, is 2 or 3IU sufficient enough for precontest or not really?

  2. how long until your contest?

  3. for body fat loss, yes 2 IU per day has been shown to help with this.. but it really needs to be an long term thing

  4. Sorry for the misinformation. Three months. I'd be running GH ( during precontest) at 2IU's. Is that sufficient enough to burn fat? Or is 4IU's better?

  5. for a short period like 12 weeks, 4iu's would def work better.

  6. I would enjoy hearing some other people's experiences with the higher dosings of GH short and long term from a fat loss and anabolic aspect.

    Some dosing numbers I've seen as trends (should be normalized./kg.) -- express as daily dosage
    6 on -- 1 off....

    0.5 - 1.8 IU ---> Soft Anti-Aging Markets
    1.8 - 2.5 IU ---> Mainstream Anti-Aging
    2.0 - 3.0 IU ---> Mainstream with some anabolic catering
    4.0 - 6.0 IU ---> Some amateur BBs... and references online ...
    10 - 12 IU ---> Professional BB dosing.... I have heard the commentary that anabolic requirements for maintenance were more than halfed at this dosage.
    18- 36 IU ---> HIV wasters

    I have personally never exceed 4 IU/day and am noticing results at 3 IU/day. My principle intrigue here is with regard to those who have engaged one or more months of > 4 IU and their observations. BG experiences and extended of headaches from the CH would be appreciated aswell..

    People's commentary on 6 on 1 off vs. 5 on 2 off with regard to exogenous GHRH would be of interest too.


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