CJC advice

  1. CJC advice

    Ok, so I'm going to run 1000mcgs/week at first of CJC during my Phreak PCT. My best friend has been running it for 4 months straight and he's gained a total of 11lbs of mostly lean mass. I"m not expecting nor shooting for gains like that, but I would like to see a few pounds of muscle maybe in the next couple of months, but without any additional fat gains. Could someone give me some advice as to what my diet, workouts should be like? Should I take Huperzine or GHRP6 along with it?

  2. You dont really need huperzine, but i would stack a releasing peptide with it, such as ghrp-6 , 2 or ipamorelin.

  3. what benefit would a releasing peptide provide?

  4. Cjc doesnt really do much by itself. You need a ghrp with it. Need to research some more. Look up datbtrue. Lots of good info there. Start your research there, just google it. Then I can help you out some more.

  5. helpful guidance from diesel7, ditto that

  6. stack it with GHRP2 ! GHRP2 > 6


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