just starting gh,need info

  1. Smile just starting gh,need info

    im just starting my blue tops today wanted to verify the info ive been instructed to do is right. Ive been told to pin in thye abdominal area in different areas , is this the norm? Im taking 10iu am 20 min or so after training and 10iu evening after home from work, right or wrong? I currently take bcaa's , multi vit. and post workout hmb mix . I am 41 6'2 188lbs. trying to gain and stay defined at the same time.I eat around 190-200g prot. and stay on clean carbs . If Im doing anything wrong or if its right input would be greatly app'd

  2. 20ius per day???

    you should just take it in the am. pin in the abdomen area. about 11/2"-2" away from the betty button. keep it simple. but 20ius per day??? from what i think u should be doing is 3-5ius...but 20?? who told u 20?

  3. brb brocurler in gym told me 20ius a day.
    brb 20 is way to much.
    brb listen to Max.

  4. also, you may want to increase you protein to about 300...how many carbs u intaking? dont forget about good fat intake.

  5. thanx max someone else said the same thats why i wanted to double check i do get in clean fats my carbs are pretty good # i usually try to get in some good carbs at every meal but i didnt know to up my prot. that high . wise advice i always like to triple check before . ive taken juice before but not this . thanx again

  6. why do you want ot inject in the stomach? if you inject sub-q it doesn't hit you for hours, im it's a lot shorter of a time.

  7. Subq with GH or even peptides takes 10 minutes to reach your pitutary gland.

    20 IU is simply to much. Start with 1iu before bed and then 1iu in the morning and see how your body reacts for a couple of days. Then bump it up to 2iu a.m. on a fasted/empty stomache and the same thing half an hour before bed. You can replace one of those with your postwork out to extend your natural gh pulse.

    I never skip the night time pulse because I want to extend my bodies natural gh pulse as I'm sleeping; which is also why I inject cjc/mod grf 1-29.

    My normal GH protocol is working my way up to 3xed except sat and sun. A.M, Post work out and right before bed all without bad carbs/fat as these will all block gh pulse/release.

    I also run mine with peps.

    Slowly work your way up to 6iu. If your body can stand the sides (Swollen ankle;wrist ect..) then and only then up the dose. Otherwise you're going to be hurting so bad you will not want to inject anymore.

    HGH/Peps are not a quick fix; it takes months to see good solid results. Plan on running at least 3 months.

    Side Note: At 20Iu a day you would be dosing an entire 10 vial kit every 5 days. Now you may have the money for this but even if you did your body would just be flushing the excess gh out until your bodies natural saturation point can catch up.

  8. Wow 20 iu per day? sounds little too much for me. haha
    Remind me of when I first started with GH, then used to live by quote 'more is better'.
    But trust me. With GH, longer run with moderate doses of 4-6 iu per day is the way to go. And if I am not mistaking, I don't see that u r not using any other AAS or insulin. Maybe u r not taking other stuff with some other personal issues, but if I were u, I would put in at least tabs like Anavar or simply small doses of Insulin. Personally I haven't done more than 6 iu/day.

    For last touch, just in my opinion though, IGF-1 go for IM, GH go for SUB-Q. GH has just a lot better fat burning effects than IGF-1 in my opinion.

  9. whats your guys opinion about MGF, with GH and IGF1?

  10. Haven't done MGF nor Dont know anyone who has good experience with it, so no clues of real results out of that. But IGf-1 and GH both works very synergistic so I would believe MGF will have more synergistic results.

  11. ya, im on 3-4ius of GH with 50-60mcgs pwo with igf-1lr3. heard that using MGF pwo IM about 100-200mcgs make you feel, as my bro told me (who used it) like superman haha

  12. my mistake bro i was calling iu the 10 units mark on the insulin syringe . clarify i was told to do 10 units on 1c ins. syringe am and 10 units pm kind of new to the ins. syringes ive done juice before but nothing with a pin that small before.Is this considered 1iu am and 1iu pm or am i still illiterate? i didnt get the igf because i figured the gh would do more of the same anyway and there are alot of bad igf sites. ive heard of bottles with the tops coming off etc .i might try it with gh the next time if all goes well .thanx for the help!


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