Hey I just read that you're suppose to keep IGF-1 in the refrigerator upon receiving it. Here's my problem. I've had my IGF-1 for one month ( as of today ) and it has been kept in my cabinets.

    My question is it still good or should I just toss it? I did not know I was suppose to keep it in the frige. ANYONE. Help. Thanks.

  2. There are guys on other boards who've kept it in a drawer etc, with no problems. It will last much longer in the fridge, but still should be good for a few months as long as its in a cool, dark place. It starts to degrade in about 6months when refrigerated, it's likely less in a cabinet. I would put it in the fridge now & take it soon.

  3. Thanks Longdog. I will place it in the fridge today once I get home from work. My start date will be one month from today so I assume that's okay?

    You mentioned to start it soon so is that soon enough or no?

  4. Yeah, it should be OK.

  5. Longdog you're the man. Thanks for the reply brotha.



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