1. Mesotherapy

    I wonder if anyone out there has had any first hand experience with
    MESOTHERAPY for spot fat reduction.

    I was speaking to a group that specialized in this when my godmother, a
    plastic surgeon for 30+ years, made reference to stories of oddball infections
    consequent to it and mentioned hearing a few stories just recently from an ID
    friend about it...

    I wonder if anyone here has undergone the treatment and perhaps what if any
    issues with lipid profile, cardiac, or skin infections arose..

  2. Lipostabil is a kind of Mesotherapy. many people try it on other boards. i didnt hear any one having infections problems, but its possible just like any other injections there is a chance getting an infiction. from feedback there isnt any effects on lipid profile.
    but the real question is dose Mesotherapy realy work!!

  3. Where does all of the fat go that it suppossedly dissolves?
  4. side effect

    The issue with Meso is that it supposedly winds up as free byproducts to where a cardiac
    risks are present. It would be cool to watch your ketones while the systme plays cleanup with the
    lipocyte contents....

    The instructions with one provider involve no exercise for 48 hours and
    no hot showers.

    Quote Originally Posted by ballzasteel
    Where does all of the fat go that it suppossedly dissolves?

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